Manners in Minutes Training Program

Free consultation
Private lessons
Six months of Neighborhood Pack
Manners in Minutes equipment, handouts and training book included
For thousands of years dogs have been both working animals and pets. And dog's are genetically designed to be born into, be trained by, and live out their lives in a working pack.

Today there are very few working packs. Manners in Minutes training copies the same techniques used by dogs to teach each other. Praise, the most important part of training, is balanced with the natural corrections that the mother and the pack use to raise a dog.

After you and your dog finish your two private training sessions (more at no extra cost if needed), you join a real working pack. The job is training. This puts your dog in a controlled situation where it becomes socialized to both people and other dogs. We do four Neighborhood Packs a week and it is a drop in class, come when you can. You can attend Neighborhood Pack for six months after you finish the private classes.